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For Green Wave fiscally sponsored projects

Due Diligence process as Beneficiaries of Green Wave’s fiscal sponsorship.

All projects meet with Green Wave for an annual due diligence meeting. This may be a group meeting or individual meeting.

All board members of each project as well as the project itself is to be checked and clear of sanctions by using this search: (performed every other year or every January there is a board member change). Board member changes are reported to Green Wave in January of each year so that they can be checked through sanction search.

Because Green Wave must keep track of the number of projects we fiscally sponsor (including relationship) the monies given to each project, and the use of the funds, Green Wave projects are required to create an annual report and encouraged to create semi-annual reports.

Monies must be given to an organizations, and business, not individuals. Green Wave encourages the creation of a format that assures details are listed and tracked carefully. Monies granted to individuals must be identified as a service provider/ vendor on behalf of the individual.

With the announcement of the new organization, Candid, Green Wave will be positioning our due diligence and transparency to meet and exceed their standards.

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