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Ecobrick program launches at Wild Sun

Permaculture in action

We are excited to launch an ecobrick program at Wild Sun. Wild Sun, although primarily a wildlife rescue and release center, can also be perceived as a center for education and had already hosted an ecobrick workshop in 2017. It is a natural extension then that Wild Sun, with their influx of retreat and volunteer guests, would help take wildlife care a step further by doing their part to protect wildlife from un-recyclable trash and inspire the community to do the same.

Ecobricks are a great way to bring community together, minimize trash waste, and create useful furniture or art.

What goes into ecobricks?

Mainly thin, packaging plastics that come on food and other products

Other plastics that can be cut up into pieces and stuffed in.

For more information on how to create ecobricks, and their amazing usages visit 

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