A brief history

The Gandhi quote, "You must be the change you wish to see in the world" deeply resonated with me - it was and continues to be the inspiration for all my work. --Janine

Our history starts with our founder, Janine Jordan.

Janine started Green Wave after a trip to Costa Rica in 2006. She claims it was the energy of the Costa Rican jungle which woke her up. She started Green Wave so she could do her part in educating people about our relationship to Nature, climate change, and how it ties into a myriad of issues: social, health, human rights, animal welfare, and holistic health. Not knowing initially where to begin, Janine and her initial board and advisors partnered with a wildlife sanctuary in Costa Rica that also provided environmental education. To raise awareness about the initial work with this partner, Green Wave started throwing awareness events. The first event was an Earthdance celebration in 2008. Money was raised to support the sanctuary as well as a Scarlett McCaw project. Following Earthdance was an Eco-Yoga Day, Green Girls Holiday Party, and an Eco Salon at a sustainable high-end shoe boutique.

Due to her husband's successful music career, she co-founded Electronic Music Alliance as an extension of Green Wave in 2010. She believes deeply that there exists an immense transformative power within the global dance music community as evidenced by it's resilient past and explosive recent history. EMA is about ensuring the evolution of the culture, fans to industry, continues to help transform the world in a positive way. In the summer of 2010, Green Wave (through EMA) created the LAUNCH event, and were honored to have presence of Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherds as a guest speaker.

Janine has been interviewed by YourEDM, POEM (Power of Electronic Music), Skirt Collective, Zentripz, In a Dream with Mystic Pete, and The EDM Show, Green is Glamorous, and written about in Magnetic Magazine. She encourages more of the electronic music community to get involved in local politics. Janine sat on the Mid-town North Hollywood Board of Directors and acted as the board secretary from 2014-2016 in Los Angeles, CA. She has recently relocated to Costa Rica where she is finishing a novel, teaching yoga, and building with her husband in a developing eco-village. She is passionate about sharing information to help make all people feel empowered and inspired to do their part.

With relocation of the main office to Costa Rica, and after concentrating efforts on the Electronic Music Alliance project for the last 5 years, Green Wave is excited to create events and education initiatives within Costa Rica, and supporting the partner organizations.

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