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Green Wave House

Inspire waves of change

Finally the Green Wave House (international office, eco-inspiration home and permacultural farm), has made a soft opening to the public in January with a debut hosting of an "seed blessing and intentional planting" with the California based nonprofit, Groundswell. Women placed healing intentions upon mucuna seeds to be planted next to struggling trees that would benefit from the nitrogen fixing powers of the mucuna plant.

At the beginning of March, the Green Wave house then hosted the Playa Hermosa School (thanks to a teacher and Wild Sun volunteer bringing over his students). Children learned about the solar carport so the house does not use any fossil fuels. They were shown the veggie oil car and oil filtration station and were exposed to the idea of making trash into treasures through wearable art and also functional furniture through ecobricks.

On March 14th, the Green Wave house hosted a meeting for two educators from Futuro Verde with the founder of Escuela de la Jungla. The meeting was about how to introduce and apply permacultural principles and action into Futuro Verde. We look forward to continuing to consult our projects on how to work together, inspire others, and collaborate to make green waves of change in their surrounding communities. A model for collaboration is what we are working on (through ambassadorship programming) that we hope will be replicated globally.

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