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School Update: September 2019

Futuro Verde

Mid-year reporting for Futuro Verde

The meeting was attended by Janine Jordan (Green Wave President), Lural Ramirez (School Director), Khalida Lockheed (School Co-Founder and Art Department Head), Angie Ramirez (Fundraising).

The school is in good financial health and will be releasing the 2019 annual report in February of 2020.

We discussed transferring the Amazon Smile account to benefit the biological reserve, Karen Mogensen Reserve of Jicaral (another Green Wave sponsored project), instead of the school as it does not bring in a lot of revenue to the school (less than $50/year) and is not appropriate for the school to promote to try to attain additional donation revenues. This transfer will occur on September 20th so it gives Futuro Verde a chance to communicate the message to any parents who are currently participating in the program.

The permaculture program is going well but will be evaluated with Adriana Pal at the end of the month to plan for the 2020 school year. The school is satisfied with the chicken coop (first chick has been born!), new nursery, and beginnings of the food forest. The suggestion has been notated that planting can be done around the school's border to create a wind/dust/drift-pesticide barrier or "break". The school is very excited about the plans for the "Founders Garden" which was a project taken on by the 10th graders who had to make a presentation (which had to include permaculture principles) to the Future Verde board, Lural, Khalida, and Adriana. A main design has been chosen that will incorporate aspects of each team's design.

Green Wave will be releasing funds for school infrastructure projects that will start in September and last through January of 2020.

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